URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic


What is It?

The URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic demonstrates the latest in 3D printing technology. Made from a pigmented hard resin, this mask is both a 3D scan of artist Leo Selvaggio's face, as well as photo realistic rendering of his features, such as skin tone, texture and hair. This technology is made possible by the folks over at ThatsMyFace.comTheir products have been seen on CNN, MSNBC, Gizmodo, The Big Bang Theory, and now on URME Surveillance. 


Who's Face is that Anyways?

Good Question. It belongs to artist Leo Selvaggio and founder of URME Surveillance. As an artist Leo has been interested in identity and how it can be thought of as data: highly manipulable, editable, and corruptible. In 2013 he applied this idea to surveillance, using his own identity as a guinne pig and realized its applications for the larger public. It was then that URME was born 


How does it Protect Me from Surveillance?

People have been hiding from surveillance since the begining of networked cameras. Unfortunately wearing a ski mask in public makes you a pretty easy target. its fairly easy to track on camera, and even if the camera doesn't see you, EVERYONE else will. "Why is that dude wearing a ski mask?" Etc, etc. In response, URME Surveillance has developed a state of the art identity replacement tech in the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic. The basic gist is that rather than hide from cameras, simply give them a face other than your own to track without drawing attention to yourself in a crowd. In other words, when your out in the world doing whatever you are doing, all your actions, which are being recorded are documented as the actions of someone other than yourself, freeing you from any threat of surveillance. 

For example, if you look at the sample above, on the right is how a camera will see you with the prosthetic on. The camera correctly identifies the face as belonging to Leo Selvaggio. On the left you can see how a human will see you. While under close scrutiny the mask is detectable, in a large crowd in a city like chicago you will go about unnoticed by your fellow commuters. 

WARNING: Some states and countries have anti-mask laws. Read up before you mask up by visiting our resource page


Regularly: $299, Discounted: $200

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In order to make The URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic slightly more affordable, you can order directly from ThatsMyFace.com. We earnestly want the general public to use our products so everything sold at URME Surveillance is sold AT COST, meaning we make no profit. In the same spirit, our friends at ThatsMyFace.com have generously discounted the regular price of a custom mask from $299 to $200 + S&H


How to

Simply email sales@thatsmyface.com and tell them that you want to purchase this item buy using the Promo Code: "Leonardo". They will respond with a Paypal invoice which once paid they will ship your item to you. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.