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International Symposium of Electronic Arts or ISEA, 2015 Conference in Vancouver: 

URME Surveillance was invited to ISEA 2015 to both exhibit and present an academic paper at the conference. The work was well received by both the public and the conference attendees. 

Exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery as part of FUSE

ISEA 2015 Paper Presentation

Presenting as part of the "Surveillance Panel", for a full PDF of the paper click here

The URME Surveillance Prosthetic, if undetected, allows for an individual to temporarily experience and consequently perform White male privilege in public space, while at the same time drawing attention to the very nature of privilege as a component of a patriarchal power structure that excludes the majority of Americans.

URME Surveillance at Art Souterrain, Montreal 2015

Art Souterrain is an annual festival that floods Montreal's underground tunnels and buildings with over 60 public art works. URME Surveillance was formally invited to exhibit its Facial Video Encryption software. In addition over 200 URME Paper Masks were distributed on opening night. I spent 3 hours talking with the public about my project and how it fit this years theme of security it public spaces.

URME SURVEILLANCE First Public Workshop!!!

Click Above to see the Full Video 

Click Above to see the Full Video 

This workshop began with an active discussion about surveillance and its intersection with themes of identity, prejudice, and power. Participants were then invited to make paper masks of themselves or of the artist's face to be worn in a walk to Crown Fountain lead by Selvaggio. All activities were challenge-by-choice. This is the first time that URME has invited others to use their own faces for this project. 

URME Paper Masks @ University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Ben Grosser, a art professor at U of I shared URME with his advanced new media seminar students. As part of his pedagogical process, Grosser provided the masks as an option for identity-free critique and discussion. By eliminating identity from the conversation, the students are free to talk about the work while the artist being critiqued can "save face" from any harsh criticism. To find out more about Ben Grosser and his New Media practice, click HERE


URME SURVEILLANCE was recently featured at the Green Art and Social Practice festival in Chicago, IL where the creator and founder of URME SURVEILLANCE, Leo Selvaggio, engaged with passer-byers about their relationship to surveillance and offered them a chance to try out some of our products. To find out more about GASP click HERE

FRACK YOUR NOSE by Performance Artist Sid Yiddish

Artist Sid Yiddish uses a URME Paper Mask as part of protest performance at Daley Plaza in Chicago as part of an April Fools event covered by The Garlic. Sid has been featured on America's Got Talent and is known internationally as a throat singer. To find out more about him, Click HERE