What is It?

Our partners at ThatsMyFace.com have graciously provided URME Surveillance with a free version of their papercraft mask. This paper mask creates a polygonal 3d mask of my face and is an alternative to the URME Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic. The best part of it is that its FREE through a downloadable PDF you can find to the right. Simply print the PDF out and assemble. Make a bunch of them with your friends and family and share in the experience of literally constructing identity.  Just liike the URME Paper Surveillance Mask, the 3D Papercraft can be a great activity to create community with.

Community? How so?

I thought you might ask that. Because this 3D paper craft is a free device, its likely that the majority of people using our products will be using this device in particular. As such, you might find someone walking down the street using this device and realize that you two have something in common. Furthermore part of our mission at URME Surveillance is to create a safe space where we can talk about how we feel about surveillance and how it affects us. One of the ways this is done is through social media. By using the #URMEMASK or by connecting with us through any of our social media outlets, you will be able to see pictures and video of other users using the max as well as read stories submited by others on our community page. 


Can this be used as a Protest or Activist Device?

I like how your thinking, but this probably isn't the best device to use for protests. Because it needs to be constructed, the time needed to make several of these does not lend itself to civic activities. Instead, consider the URME Paper Surveillance Mask!!!

Here at URME Surveillance, we are not just concerned with protecting your identity, but helping you assert your right to voice opinion in public space with out fear of defamation. Ever feel like speaking out against something, but frightened there might be personal repercussions? Not a problem. Just wear my face instead. Are you party of a group that wants to protest, or want to stand up for a cause in your community? We have a kit for that. Go ahead and check out the URME Community Development Hacktivist Kit that are sold in bundles of 12 and 24 for 50% off!!! 

WARNING: Some states and countries have anti-mask laws. Read up before you mask up by visiting our resource page


Who's Face am I Wearing?

Good Question. It belongs to artist Leo Selvaggio and founder of URME Surveillance. As an artist Leo has been interested in identity and how it can be thought of as data: highly manipulable, editable, and corruptible. In 2013 he applied this idea to surveillance, using his own identity as a guinne pig and realized its applications for the larger public. It was then that URME was born 

To Download the URME  3D PAPERCRAFT click  HERE

All instructional images above courtesy of ThatsMyFace.com

This video is helpful if you are new to paper-crafting