URME Facial Video Encryptor


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What is the URME FVE?

I know, its a crazy name. The URME Facial Video Encryptor is a program for the Mac OS that will take a video file and create a new version of it that replaces your face with mine while keeping the original file intact. URME FVE is powered by Max MSP with Jitter, a powerful object based programing language suitable for artists and others without traditional programing backgrounds, URME FVE can replace up to five faces per video!!!


Ok...but what do I use it for?

Really good question. Right now URME FVE is rather limited. It has no sound, can only run on a Mac, has limited resolution, etc, etc. But imagine, if you will, this program allowing you to completely encrypt a live feed, or your videos to send to whomever you wish with your actions and behaviors kept intact but your privacy secured by replacing your face with my own. Its like the digital version of the URME Prosthetic or Paper Mask. Wanna find out more about this programs potential?


Totally....So....Whats the future of URME FVE?

Well that was a leading question huh? Through more sophisticated programming, and an expansion of where this face replacement technology can live, URME FVE represents the potential for a viable digital method of surveillance protection. With the exponential development of communication technology, our digital culture is becoming increasingly concerned with immediacy which is indicated by such programs as Skype and Google Hangouts. In response, our devices are featuring more and more cameras, such as front facing cameras on smart phones and embedded web cameras on laptops. Furthermore these cameras are used by multiple sources as input such as photobooth, face unlock, Ustream, and other software’s including URME FVE.

Currently URME FVE's functionality is hindered by the fact that it runs in parallel with other software, limiting its ability to protect the device’s owner from unwanted surveillance because its facial encryption can not be used as by other programs. However, through collaboration with other programmers, I propose to transform URME FVE into a hub in which ALL LIVE SIGNALS coming from a camera are routed through FVE BEFORE being used as inputs for other programs.


Download URME FVE ver 1.0 (Mac OS only)

Download at your own risk

URME Surveillance will continue working to improve our Facial Video Encryptor.Over the next few months we hope to keep building upon the software by adding new features such as audio, different resolution options, etc. Notes on the current version:

  • URME FVE has been tested on Mac OS 10.8.5
  • URME FVE is currently only able to output files at 320x240
  • URME FVE currently does not support audio
  • URME FVE currently outputs using the photo-jpeg codec


Developer? Want to get your hands on the Max Patch (code)?

URME Surveillance believe in technology movements such as open source. If you have an idea, want to work on your own version of the program, or make a better version of URME FVE to share with the public, then download the Developer Pack (for Max MSP 6) HERE. We would love to move this program forward as far as possible and you can help.